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Josef Bláha

Stagui, an user-friendly client for STAG

Warning: The Stagui application is no longer functional, because its server-side was put out of order by school administrators.

Stagui was my bachelor's thesis at the Department of Computer Science of Palacký University (thesis accepted in 2008). It is an application for browsing data from the university study agenda system database.

In those days, study agenda system was accessed with a web application, which had several restrictions – clumsy controls, no easy way to export data, online availability only etc.

Stagui was to solve these shortcomings. Unlike the former web, it was a thick Windows client application accessing data via a web service. The downloaded data were cached locally for offline use. The web service, which was a part of the project, provided data for the application directly from the database. The web service was the first widely available API to the university database, allowing different types of clients and other applications.

Project status

Status Finished, but no longer available
Latest version (September 12th 2008)
License The application is free for study and other selfless purposes


Stagui application window with timetable shown
View of student's timetable

Client system requirements

Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, nebo Windows Server 2008.
MS .NET Framework 3.5.


The download has been removed as the application is no longer functional.


  • Client: C# application with .NET 3.5, Windows Forms.
  • Server: .NET Web services application running in IIS, getting data from Oracle database.