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Josef Bláha

Pikta, a graphics editor with visual programming

Pikta was my master's thesis at the Department of Computer Science of Palacký University (thesis accepted in 2012). It is an experimental graphics editor with support for visual programming. It uses a prototype-based object oriented language.


  • The created scene is represented by tree hierarchy of objects.
  • The objects include shapes and containers.
  • Shape objects: rectangle, ellipse, text, bitmap.
  • Container objects providing layout and encapsulation: canvas, grid, stack.
  • Object attributes (position, size, color) can be computed by specified expression from other objects.
  • The expression language supports basic arithmetical operations as well as some useful functions (abs, sin, if etc.).
  • Object generating tool – for example to fill a container with a number of objects deriving from the specified prototype.
  • Full undo/redo.
  • Scene export to PNG.

Project status

Status Finished
Latest version (August 8th 2012)
License The application and its source code are free for study and other selfless purposes


Editor window with automatic dimensions of objects
Editor window with automatic dimensions of objects
Playing card representation
Playing card representation

System requirements

  • CPU 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 600 MB of free disk space (for the .NET Framework installation).
  • Windows XP or newer.


Language note: The application, its programming language and the thesis including documentation are available the Czech language only. The source code and its internal documentation are in English.


C# application with .NET 4, Windows Forms.