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Josef Bláha

Atlantis R, an unfinished game edition

Atlantis R is a working edition of unfinished game Atlantis. I worked on the game from 2001 to 2003. Later I prepared this "reedition" for demonstration purposes.

Basic description

  • Real-time strategy game, in the style of Age of Empires.
  • Pre-rendered 3D graphics in orthogonal view.
  • 3 types of units and several buildings.
  • Military units follow simple formations.
  • There is no artifical intelligence as well as no multiplayer. This means the game is actually unplayable.
  • Support for Unicode and localization to other languages (latin alphabet based at least). This edition is in Czech and English.

Project status

Status Development canceled
Latest version (January 8th 2008)
License The game is free for study and other selfless purposes


01 Dejiste.jpg02 Prsi.jpg03 Prerusena hra.jpg05_Budovy.jpg

System requirements

CPU 1GHz, 256MB RAM, GeForce2 MX 400 graphics adapter or equivallent, Windows 98 or newer, DirectX 9.


Atlantis R, ANSI version, Czech and English - download (6.20MB)

Few notes to gameplay


  • Left mouse button to select units, right button to set their tasks.
  • Alt+right click to garrison the selected unit into a building.
  • F10 - show game menu.
  • F2 - take screenshot and save it to desktop.
  • Pause - pause the game.
  • Delete - kill selected unit.

Game principles

The game is very similar to Age of Empires in its principles, with few small differences. Units:

  • All units are created in houses.
  • To support a unit, you need a house capacity for it. One house supports up to 8 units. You can build up to 10 houses.
  • To train a swordsman in a house, you must enhance the house by building a temple nearby.
  • To train an archer, you must build a school nearby.

Resources and buildings:

  • The resources are wood, stone, grain, food, coal, iron, gold, and weapons.
  • Wood from trees and food from berries can be gathered directly by villagers. For other resources, you need production buildings.
  • In a production building work (i.e. are garrisoned inside) one or two villagers. Most buildings (except bakery and foundry) need other villagers to carry the produced resources to stores.
  • Resources are stored in big storehouses. You can build up to 5 these storehouses. If all these big storehouses are destroyed, you will lose all resources.
  • Wood can also be carried to woodhouse, from which it is automatically transfered to big storehouses. Stone, coal, iron, and gold can be carried to mining storehouse. Food can be carried to repository.
  • Stone is obtained in a quarry. The quarry must be built in a place where stone appears on surface.
  • Berries are quickly gathered, so you must build a farm. The farm can be built on fertile ground only (as indicated by soil appearing on surface). The farm produces grain, which is turned to food by a bakery.
  • Coal, iron, and gold are gathered in mines. A mine can be built only in place where the ore appears on surface.
  • A foundry makes weapons out of coal and iron.

Technical notes

  • The game runs in 1024x768, other resolution can be set only by editing Registry in key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JBO Studios\Atlantis R\1.1. The same applies for graphics adapter selection.
  • For saving the game, there is only one slot.


  • C++ (using Visual C++ 6.0)
  • Win32 API
  • Direct3D for graphics, DirectMusic for audio
  • Unit pathfinding with A* algorithm